Hand Magnet

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    Magnetic manhole handle for direct lifting of small manhole covers, grates and drains.

    Disponibile anche su MePA.
    Garanzia FEDA.
    Spedizioni in tutta Italia.

    The Hand series products do not use the lever principle: they are quick-acting tools, perfect for direct lifting of small manhole covers, manhole covers, grates and various types of drains.

    The Hand Magnet has an extremely powerful permanent magnet that provides a secure grip in all conditions. The multi-purpose hammer terminal is designed to open different types of manhole and is very useful when cleaning the manhole and its frame.

    Hand Magnet also opens manhole covers that are damaged, have no attachment points or are covered in dust, sand, asphalt and dirt.

    Thanks to its features, it reduces operating times and makes manhole opening operations easier and lighter.

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