SF frontal

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Front sliding ladder available with 5 to 12 steps, with carriage for linear, curved or hooked routes.

Disponibile anche su MePA.
Garanzia FEDA.
Spedizioni in tutta Italia.

SF sliding ladder with frontal ascent in compliance with European standard UNI-EN131 is a versatile and safe ladder.
The wide choice of fittings and accessories makes it suitable for any wall, cabinet or shelf.The nylon wheels allow a silent and homogeneous movement.
The ladder can slide on linear or curved rails, and can also be tilted at will according to space or needs.
The stainless steel uprights and non-slip aluminium treads make the SF ladder particularly durable over time.
Available in versions with 5 to 12 steps. Perfect for use in cemeteries, libraries, warehouses and storage areas.

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