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Mechanical manhole opener trolley for large manhole covers.

Disponibile anche su MePA.
Garanzia FEDA.
Spedizioni in tutta Italia.

Quadra is a mechanical manhole opening trolley designed and manufactured to allow even a single operator to handle and open very large manhole covers, equipped with four hooking points at the corners of the cover.Available in three different sizes:

  • QUADRA - 100 

  • QUADRA - 110

  • QUADRA - 120

The number indicates the maximum width or diameter in centimetres of the manhole covers that can be moved.
The Quadra Manhole Opener has a stabilising bar which, acting on the centre of gravity, distributes the weight of the lid, reducing the effort required to lift it.
Its galvanised steel structure, with folding, extendable and adjustable handle, is designed to make it versatile and compact for storage inside its bag.
They are supplied as standard with only four units of the same GR key completed with the following accessories: key, squeegee, floor protector plates, lint trap cleaner, steel bar, key holder spring.

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