Manhole Cover Lifters and Utils

Durable, lightweight, compact and versatile equipment for lifting and handling manhole covers: road maintenance operations, manhole openings and closures become quick and safe.

Speedy manhole cover lifter

manhole cover lifter and utils

Safe opening, closing and lifting systems for manhole covers, both mechanical and magnetic. Accessories and maintenance devices
Coffin lifter and elevating work platform Magister

Cemetery equipment and fitting

Cemetery handling tools: coffin-mounting with working platform, coffin-lifting, coffin-setting and crane


Cemetery equipment

A high level of professionalism in the cemetery sector: a wide range of products with multiple performances for lifting and moving coffins (lifters with work platform, coffin lifter, bed frames), roller conveyors, ramps, ladders, cemetery fittings and accessories.


Professional ladders

Work ladders, cemeteries ladders, platforms, scaffolding suitable for every professional need. The structures, made of steel or aluminium, are extremely easy to handle, safe and adapt to any type of support.

Aluminium bunk ladder CCBR

Professional ladders, scaffolding and ramps

Cemetery and professional ladders: double, bunked, front, scaffold, ramps loading


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innovation and quality

Devices that meet your needs

For more than 25 years, we have maintained worker safety, taking into account the complex business situations.
We respond to the specific needs of our partners by producing high quality equipment and devices, made in Italy by highly qualified staff.

Research & Development

Constant innovation, improvement of functionality, last generation equipment, realization of products in special execution and prototypes.

Warranty and maintenance

Up to 24 months warranty, highly qualified service and maintenance, replacement equipment provided during technical interventions

Training session

Training sessions, also on site, performed by qualified professionals to enable users to use the equipment correctly and comply with certifications in accordance with legal requirements.

Professional consulting

A team available to our partners: tailor-made solutions for customers, advice on current standards relating to safety in the workplace, customized payment plans.

Contact us

Ask for information about products or for a customized consultation.

FEDA S.r.l. – Via Mario Corrieri, 16 – 05100 Terni (TR) – Italy

t. +39 0744 407351 – f. +39 0744 427183 – m. +39 328 1973653

email: [email protected] - www.feda.it

Plexiglass desk divider


To respond to the emergency of the moment we have expanded our product catalogue. Plexiglass desk divider protects workers from Coronavirus and other aerial viral spread and reduce the risk of contagion.

Feda made in italy production


Highest quality products made in Italy, easy to use, safe and easy to handle, born from a careful analysis of the market and the needs of workers.

Portraits of Work Confartigianato: Feda's Staff


The Portraits of Work section of Confartigianato section describes and celebrates the stories of Italian Masters who have transformed artisanal knowledge into successful, dynamic and contemporary businesses.


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