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Manhole trolley for all types of manhole covers, available in Mechanic, Hybrid, Magnetic, Hinge and Total versions.
The trolley can be Short or Standard.

Disponibile anche su MePA.
Garanzia FEDA.
Spedizioni in tutta Italia.

Speedy is the manhole opener trolley suitable for quick and emergency intervention on any type of manhole. Made of galvanised steel, with folding, extendable and adjustable handle, it is designed to be versatile, compact and ergonomic.

Durante il sollevamento l’operatore mantiene una postura eretta, effettuando la manovra di spinta verso il basso. La posizione delle ruote consente di operare in spazi angusti: a ridosso di marciapiedi, ostacoli fissi e autovetture.

Opens manholes, manhole covers and manholes of all shapes and types, both standing and hinged. Available in Magnetic, Mechanic, Hybrid, Magnetic Hinge, Total and Extended versions, it can be supplied with a Standard or Short trolley.

The Mechanic, Hybrid and Total versions include the Hook system, which allows manhole covers made of magnetic material to be opened and, above all, to be unlocked in the event of fouling. With the special pedal extension, which comes as standard in the Total and Magnetic Hinge versions or can be purchased as an optional extra, Speedy also opens manhole covers with a safety lock. 

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