Feda is innovation

FEDA tools are designed taking into account the safety of users and the complex needs of the market.

The technical staff guarantee a constant search for improvement: customised consulting, on-site inspections and prototype production.

Versatile, compact and low weight tools, essential for working in cemeteries, in narrow areas such as galleries or family chapels, steep and uneven terrain.

Coffin lifters combined with working platforms, lifters to assemble and easy to transport, coffin elevators for working in underground areas, stretchers, rollers and a wide range of accessories and cemetery furniture.

Feda's strong, certified and safe cemetery ladders are combined with the use of aluminium and steel, durable and weather-resistant materials. Each ladder is ideally tailored to the place of installation and to the type of activity to be carried out.


Coffin Handling


System to handling and lift



Accessories & parts


Furniture & tools