FEDA was estabilished in 1991 by Ferruccio Montalbetti, a metalworking entrepreneur born and raised in Libya.

The professional experience with important oil company, exposed Ferruccio Montalbetti to face first hand the difficulties and risks associated with opening and closing road manhole covers.

Thanks to his skills, professionalism, intuition and deep ethical sense, Ferruccio began to think of ideal solutions linked to the safety and health protection of workers, values shared by any company today, as early as the early 1970s.

The design of an innovative system of manhole opener, using magnetic technology, the development of tailor-made solutions designed to simplify and speed up industrial activities, are the key to Feda's success.

The knowledge acquired over the years on lifting systems, led Feda, in 2005, to face a new challenge in the production of cemetery equipment: elevators for coffins and stairs, compact, safe and extremely versatile.

Feda becomes a leading company in the Italian market of safe handling and maintenance: its mission is to provide its partners with the most innovative, efficient and safe solutions for workers.

In 2012 the leadership of the company were passed to Valerio Cicciola, grandson of the founder, who shares with his grandfather the professional ethics and vision on safety in the workplace.

Today Feda is a modern, constantly evolving and technologically advanced company with roots in the past and an eye on the future.

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